Congress topics

1. Balance Function (motor control -locomotion and posture-)
2. Foot and ankle biomechanics (modelling. Finite Element Analysis and simulation included)
3. Chronic Ankle Instability
4. Clinical biomechanics
5. Diabetic Foot
6. Foot and Ankle Surgery
7. 3D CAD CAM before surgery and insoles
8. FABMAN - Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Multidisciplinary ActioN
9. Footwear
10. Imaging (e.g. weight Bearing CT)
11. Injuries and Rehabilitation
12. Insoles, Orthoses and Orthotics
13. Kinematics Methodological Aspects
14. Paediatrics
15. Sports biomechanics
16. Sports-related injuries and rehabilitation
17. Clinical multidisciplinary management
(intervention of two or more different clinic professions)
18. Rehabilitation and Neurorehabilitation
19. Neuro Developmental Disorders (foot and ankle participation on)
The Congress Committee reserves the right to make changes to the congress program at any time without notice according to the situation(s) of the moment.