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Conference of friendly societies

The International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community (i-FAB) is an international collaborative activity which will have an important impact on the foot and ankle biomechanics community

The Movement, Balance, Performance, Health laboratory is a research unit (EA 4445) in Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS) attached to the University of Pau and the Pays de l’Adour. The general theme is the study of human movement.

AFCP – Association Française de Chirurgie du Pied

Fédération Nationale des Podologues:

Sensoridys: Association Francophone de Patients souffrant d’une dysfonction Proprioceptive.
Association for the Compensation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
The Congress Committee reserves the right to make changes to the congress program at any time without notice according to the situation(s) of the moment.